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Are you ready for a body piercing? Emotionz Tattoos Studio does piercings nearly anywhere on the body! Our jewelry is the highest quality so you shouldn't need to worry about an allergy to it. We offer private rooms and a very sterile environment for your body piercing.

If you want a simple ear piercing, we can do that. We do all types of body piercings above the neck. How about a stud in your nose or eyebrow? Or have your ear cartilage pierced! Many people choose to have several studs in their upper ear. It is a way to add body piercings that can be hidden by their hair while they are working.

Our technicians also do below-the-neck piercings. Want to look really hot in your bikini this year? How about adding a belly-button piercing? They are quick and simple to have done and no one will ever know, unless you show it off. We pierce almost any body part, so stop by and see what we can do for you. Below-the-waist piercings are becoming more popular, too. We can do almost any area you want, all in the privacy of our rooms. Every body piercing is done by an experienced technician.

After your piercing, your technician will carefully explain to you how to clean and care for your piercing. They will also tell you what to expect and how long it could take the piercing to heal. Remember that everyone is different, so it may take a little longer for your body piercing to heal than someone else's. Keep the area clean and dry according to your technician’s instructions when you leave.

Feel free to share any concerns you may have with us. We want you to be completely comfortable with your decision to have a body piercing. Our staff can answer any questions you have and offer tips on maintaining your body piercing.

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