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About Us | Emotionz Tattoos

For almost 10 years, Emotionz Tattoos owner Kendrick West has been working to educate his customers on how to find the best tattoo artist and studio, where to place the tattoo, and how to care for it. Emotionz Tattoos believes everyone should feel comfortable as soon as they walk into the studio. We also want to offer the best tattoo or body piercing service we possibly can. Every tattoo, except those on a foot or a hand, has a lifetime guarantee. Our piercing includes the highest quality of jewelry to fit each person’s desires.

Mr. West believes everyone should be able to have the body art they want. He has worked hard to keep his prices affordable for every customer, whether they want a simple ear piercing or an extensive tattoo. This studio has been called one of the best tattoo studios around the Atlanta area for almost 10 years.

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